Neal Phase Change Technology

Sustainable Innovation

While the nation is seeking a solution to the energy crisis, alternative energy is important but the Neal Phase Change technology allows a reduction in overall energy consumption regardless of the energy source. This reduction is achieved through Neal Phase Change technology which distributes a building's cooling load throughout the day rather than trying to cool a building during peak hours when HVAC costs are the highest.

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Emerging Technology

Neal Energy Products can be applied to billions of square feet of retail and office space, industry, homes and even livestock farms. The contribution of our products, while certain to shift and reduce energy loads based on all past and current studies, have only begun to scratch the market potential for this emerging technology.

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Solutions That Work

The Neal Energy Cap™ and NPCM is an affordable, practical solution to our nation's energy crisis. Our products are consistent with the U.S. government's goal to increase the nation's energy security through the development of innovative energy conservation technologies. Many others see the vision and goal of Neal Energy.

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How it works

The "cooling load" in almost all buildings peak at or near the hottest time of the day...the air conditioning systems are employed at a temperature when they are the least efficient and operating during a period when the electrical companies are least capable to supply the energy needed. NPCM would "shift" the peak loads by employing stored energy.

Because a typical HVAC system is 20 to 35% less costly to operate in the evening hours vs. peak periods, using "off-peak" cooling strategies can not only save energy, but shift precious load from the nation’s energy grid to "off taxed" periods. NPCM also takes advantage of "economizer" cycles to utilize non-mechanical cooling cycles to shift cooling loads increasing potential energy savings further into as much as 40 to 50%.

UL Labs

Our NPCM product was recently tested at UL Labs in chicago.

Benefits of Neal Energy Products

There are a number of products on the market today that boast phase change technology characteristics. While many of them do have some capacity to store energy, few can come close to the BTU energy storage capacity available in Neal Energy products. Additionally, many of competing technologies contain oils or animal fats which are inherently flammable.

U.S. Energy Commission is working on a 20% Federal Tax Credit for purchase and installation.
Provides the largest energy reduction of any PCM without having to change your desired comfort temperatures in any season and in any climate.
Neal PCM's have 1/6th the cost of Bio PCM's and Paraffins, making it an ideal selection for energy savings.
Requires less Heating and Cooling power to keep consistent desired temperatures in your home or business.
Offsets the peak load from power grids.
Helps eliminate brownouts and blackouts.
Significant Carbon reduction for power plants.
Neal PCM's come with a 25 year warranty.

What Others Are Saying

We realize that consumers of new products cannot make decisions based on our word alone. Take a look what others are saying about our Phase Change material product.

Senator Harry Reid

This innovative device will encourage smarter energy consumption by businesses, resulting in lower energy costs and a more effective use of our money and energy resources.

Senator Ron Wyden

Neal Energy Management is developing a unique thermal energy storage system for use in commercial and residential buildings that has the potential to significantly reduce daily peak energy use in such buildings.

Stacey Crowley
Nevada State Office of Energy
Alok Singh
Southern California Edison
Chris Scruton
California Energy Commission
Anath Ananthasubramaniam
DTE Energy Ventures
Dr. Michael Mazor
Dow Chemical